Drawing and Colouring Competition for class I and II




Topic- Scenery with Shapes                                    

The competition was conducted on 18th April 2017 in the respective classes. Children came up with creative shades of different colours. It also gave students a different platform to show their creativity using different shapes in their scenery.


Class I Winners:

1st Avanti Shingare (I A Dhruv House)

2nd Rausha Ochani (I A Abhimanyu House)

3rd Pratyusha Srivastav (I C Shravan House)


Class II Winners:

1st Ashwin Sudarshan (II B Abhimanyu House)

2nd Vedika Deshmukh (II B Eklavya House)

3rd Harshit Indurkar (II C Eklavya House)

Inter House Drawing (1)

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