Report iParent – Acharya Vageeshji


“Respect other people’s feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.”
― Roy T. Bennett

The love, care and tender touch of his dear ones shapes a child-this was the crux of the workshop conducted by Acharya Vageshji, the eloquent, for I-Parent series on 28th February 2017 at GGIS, Pimpri campus.

He explained that teachers are the architects of the child’s character. Only they can inculcate values, sanskars, good behavior, self-control and patience in a child. The world is full of tempting distractions like mobile-games, social media, and television. We need to divert our children from that and shape them for their upcoming challenges, which not only demands excellence in academics but mental, psychological and emotional stability too.

Vageshji also shared that we need to be very patient and careful while dealing with children, sometimes it is found that many students emulate their teachers since they are their role models and  we must keep an watch  for the reason that  their behavior reflects ours. He explained that regulating a child’s access to the Internet and electronic devices is very important. Maintaining this disciplinary influence throughout a child’s formative years ensures that the child grows up feeling loved, but not spoiled.

Acharya Vageshji elaborated upon the roles of father and mother and how they play different roles in the character building process of their child. He also stressed on giving quality time to children, as it can change their perspectives of their  existence.

The parents in attendance were satisfied with the solutions to the questions they asked Acharyaji. The workshop was very informative and an eye opener for many of the parents.

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