Table Mat Decoration with Vegetables/Fruits Inter-House Competition

An inter-house table mat decoration with vegetables/fruits was organised on 15th July, 2017 for the students of classes III to V. The school offered a platform where they got an opportunity to showcase their painting skill which also inspires the children to think and work creatively and promotes artistic excellence.

Table Mat Designing (2)

Table Mat Designing (3)

The winners are –

Class III

Winner- Shruti Mahantya from Shravan House

Runner Up- Lakshya Wadhwa from Shravan House

2nd Runner Up- Dhariya V. Patil of Dhruv House

Class IV

Winner- Vilina Plilip  from Shravan House

Runner Up- Lulua K  from Dhruv House

2nd Runner Up- Risha Salunkhe of Shravan House

Class V

Winner- Madhav Bansal  from Abhimanyu House

Runner Up- Lumbini G. from Dhruv House and Supratik of Eklavya House

 Table Mat Designing (1)

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