Report on T-Shirt Painting Competition

You cannot use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.’ – Maya Angelou

GG International School conducted T-Shirt Painting competition for standard III to V on 16th September 2017. The theme of the competition was Geometrical Design or Mathematical Formulae whichexplore the creative potentials in the young minds of our primary children

T-shirt painting Competition helped the students to lighten up their stressful day. The students put their best foot forward and made innovative, ingenious and splendiddrawing and painting and came up with amazing art work with geometrical designs and mathematical formulae. The instructions of the competition were given to the students in advance the event. The students were asked to bring the material related to the activity.

Such activities helped the students to explore and learn the geometrical designs and formulae of mathematics. The students enjoyed painting the T- Shirts as it was an opportunity for them to display their talent and creativity and fun to wear it as painted by them. Selecting the winners were a tough task for the judges.

Parth Deore of Eklavya House bagged the first prize from Class III, whileSaumee Das from Abhimanyu Housesecured the second position from the same class and Lakshya Wadhwa of  Shravan House secured the third position from class III. Vilina Philip fromShravan Housewas the winner from Class IV. The runner-up wasSwara Gausus of Dhruv House andIkshita Patel from Eklavya Housewon the 2nd runner up. From Class V, Ishwari Mudliyar of  Eklavya Housewon the first prize whileSanskruti Patil  of Eklavya House and  Utkarsh Kunk  of Shravan Housesecured the second prize. 

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