Face Painting Competition


Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.

by Victor Pinchuk


Inter House Face Painting Competition was scheduled on Saturday 16th September 2017, for class VI to VIII. The topic for the same was ‘endangered fauna in India’.

he students enthusiastically participated in pairs. They were very excited to paint their friend’s face. They came up with mind boggling ideas. The paintings depicted tigers, turtles, butterflies and many more.

This was a fun-filled activity and a wonderful opportunity for the students. The children displayed vivid ideas and learned by doing. It was indeed an amazing feeling to see them work with a loving zeal.

The judges for the competition were Ms Parul Mishra and Ms. Menu Goyal

The judges amazed to see the talent of the students. The winner for the competition were –

Class VI

Winner- Parnika from Shravan House

Runner Up- Saloni Patra from Eklavya House

2nd Runner Up- Sayee of Abhimanyu House

Class VII

Winner- Arnav from Dhruv House

Runner Up- Gauri from Shravan House

2nd Runner Up- Anjana of Abhmanyu House

Class VIII

Winner- Ritesh  from Dhruv House

Runner Up- Vaasanthi from Eklavya House

2nd Runner Up-  Ayush of Abhimanyu House

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